“1984” A Book Worth Preseving

In Fahrenheit 451 people were faced with the issue ofhaving to be suppressed in thought and in mind. For many, they did not questionthese
ideals, but rather went along passively. Although therewere some that questioned the lack of their own natural human thought. Some had a need to think and feel. Thesepeople were known In Fahrenheit 451 as the book rebels, the people that thrivedto think. They committed their very lives to the ideals of thought andcreativity. They did this by memorizing works of literature, and by forminggroups of thought.
          If  I was to be a book rebel I would dedicate mylife to the memorization  of  George Orwell’s “1984”. I  would definitely preserve this book becauseits meaning extends to all people of all cultures. In my opinion no other workhas better expressed the effects of a totalitarian government
on people and society.  It is of utmostimportance to understand the ideals of this book to protect our  own individual freedom. This book does notmerely serve as an outlet for creativity and entertainment, but as  a simulated warning of the hardships man mustface, if he does not speak out and think for himself. I believe this  book would be most valuable committed tomemory especially to the people in the society of Fahrenheit 451.
          The bookof  “1984” would not only be the work Icommit to memory
if I were to be a book rebel.  I would also recomend “1984” to modermsociety in order to protect their own livelihood and that of there children’s.It is important for everyone to know the dangers that lie in a
monotonous totalitarion  society. We each areindividuals with our own thoughts and ideas. This  in my opinion is best expressed in George Orwell’s“1984”.
          For mostof us, we go by day and night not realizing how fortunate we are to be livingin a society of open thought and expression. Not until these liberties aretaken away from us, do some of us realize what we are missing.
Both  RayBradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451” and George Orwell’s “1984” are prime examples ofthe mental hardships of what life would be like without

these given rights. So from all of this we should heed the warnings ofthose great authors and learn from their knowledge and advice. Therefore  if  I  were a book rebel  without hesitation would choose to memorizeGeorge Orwell’s “1984”.
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