Hobbies enable us to spend our leisure hours. Different people canhave different type of hobbies. Hobbies bring occupation in our idle hors. Theykeep us away from bad habits. They help us to forget our pains and lonelinessof life. Some time it may help us in bringing a considerable amount of money,but money can never be supposed as profession. Hobbies depend upon the tasteand collection tendencies of the individual. There are many type of hobbies,stamp collection, coin collection, motor driving, kite flying, swimming,coking, gardening, photography etc. The hobbies keep on changing with passageof life. We have different hobbies on our childhood. They change as we matureand go on changing with the passage of time. The pursuits of childhood alwaysdiverts with the passage of time.
            AsI am over of nature gardening is my favorite hobby. Our hose is very spacious.It is our kitten garden. There I fulfill my desire of gardening. I prepare theland for sowing by digging and managing it. I grow vegetables generally. I spendabout three hours in the evening in garden. I water the plant, weed the gardenand do all the essential works there. The working there keeps me physicallyfit. I have a very good appetite. It helps me to have a good sleep at night. Weget fresh vegetables and fruits to eat.
            Mysecond hobby is reading. I generally read literary books which give me an extraknowledge of world. From reading I now about the evils and bad customs in thesociety. It enables one to learn new things. So hobbies change the life of aman.
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