True friendship is a divinequality. To get a true friend is achievement rare now a days. Someone is luckyif he gets a true friend. I am luck enough to have friend in Rakesh. I valuehis friendship. He is really a true friend.
            Weboth are class fellows for last four years. Rakesh has many qualities of headand heart. He is an ideal student. He is very punctual in coming to school. Hecompletes his home task regularly. His books and exercise note-books are veryclean. Moreover he has very good handwriting. His behavior is a model forothers. I have never seen him losing his temper. His uniform is always neat andclean. Though is not too brilliant student yet he always tries to improvehimself. He always tries to learn from others. He is always helpful to othersin his time of need feels them to be obliged.
            Hehas a sound mind in the sound body. He takes part in other activities of theschool. He is very good player of cricket. For last three years he is thecaptain of our team. He has won many trophies in inter school and districtlever cricket tournaments for the school. He is a very debate too and had takenin inter school debate competitions.
            Heis a friend in need. During my recent illness he spent many a sleepless nightssitting by my side throughout the night. He is a great help to me in my studiesalso. He hails from very rich family while I am from a middle class family. Buthe never boasts of his riches and feels proud of it.
            Allthere qualities of Rakesh make him an ideal friend. I am proud of him.
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