Games and sports are a verynecessary part of education. As we know the aim of education is all rounddevelopment- physical, mental and moral- of a student. Only a sound body canhave a sound mind. Mind cannot be stronger if the body is weak.
            Thereis a very old saying that health is wealth. One can build his body by pilinggames as it provides exercise in open and fresh air. All work and no play makejack a dull boy. Indiadoes not need book worms with ill health. A good student must take care of allthe things. He must give time to his studies, but he should not neglect games.He should follow the maxim, work you work, ply while you play, that is the wayto be happy and gay.
            Gamesteach us discipline and sportsmanship. A sportsman treats victory and defectequally. Games provide a good training for playing the games of life. A trueplayer is unmindful of joys and sorrows. We learn to laugh in the face offailures. We do not feel proud at success. Games give the best education in theart of living. Batter of life is won by sportsmen.
The sprit of sportsmanshiphelps in the formation of character. Games teach us the art of leadership also.The caption wins the heart of his team through love, sympathy and fair play. Inthis way games produce the dull life of students. We can make the best use ofleisure by plying games. They also let off the surplus energy of young men. Ifthis surplus energy does not come out, the result would be mischief andindiscipline. An idle brain is the devils workshop. Students must be kept busywhen they are not studying.
            Manyschools have no proper arrangement for games should be made compulsory forevery student in every school. Education without games is incomplete in orderto make a full man of a student. Student should give due important to games andsport.
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