Material Aspects

Mornings give us hope and courage to fight for another day. Just like how the sun rises, morning gives us that courage to face whatever life throws towards us. If your dream takes place in the morning, it means that there’s something good that will happen to you.

 It could be that pleasure and fortune are within your reach. It even denotes new beginnings, awakening, starting over and renewal. Moreover, the dream could also be an opposite of grieving or mourning. If the morning that you see in your dreams is cloudy, then it is a reflection that a certain situation will burden you for a little while.

Psychological/Emotional Perspective

We wake up in the morning with fresh mind, ready to take what the world has for us. Morning gives us all that energy that we need to get through the day. Morning is that time of the day where we always look forward for a fresh start, do things we forgot to do from yesterday, accomplish things we’ve been trying to accomplish for such a long time now and more.

Original Meaning

The original meaning of morning in your dream is a representation of a fulfillment of promise, or an inevitable event. Whenever a person sees himself as unhappy and at miserable state in the morning hours in a dream, it will simply denote a low spiritual state or sinfulness. Whenever an honest person dreams of such, it could be a representation of glad tidings of a new born or loss of his wealth if he is miserly. If you’re a farmer, it is a sign of punishment, penalty or worse, financial loss for the year. Whenever one loses something and found it in his dream, it is a sign that he will be the one to provide a proof that will surely inculpate his enemy. If you’re sick, it is a reflection that you will recover from your illness, but sometimes, this kind of dream also means death. Moreover, if you are leading prayers in this dream, it means that you’ll be traveling or going to a holy land. Whenever the dream is being interpreted to be your death, it only means that there’s a good end for your life that you will enter into the paradise. If you see the morning in your dream and that you are drinking water, or that you buy food or even barters for some drink in your dream, it only mean that you will overcome the difficulties and adversaries in your life. In case you travel in the morning in your dream, it only means like you are solving such problems and proceeding on your plans to become successful. However, if you’re one of those who dream with such, seeing the morning in your dream is a meaning of separation and divorce. Whenever a sinner sees the morning in his dream, it could be a reflection of repentance from sins and a fresh start of doing what’s right. If you happen to be a businessman and you’re having troubles in the trade you’re in, such dream could be a meaning of business growth. Generally, dreaming of morning means great relief, escape from the troubles of life, winning, freedom and good harvest.
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